How to Remove Spyware from Android Phone – Virus Removal Guide

How to Remove Spyware from Android Phone

Android spyware has become a commonplace. Most spying apps can be purchased at an affordable price, and some are even free of cost. On top of that, they’re effortless to use, and pretty much everyone can install a spy app on your phone without you even knowing.

Once installed, spy apps continue working on your mobile phone stealthily, accessing everything you do. These apps track your private messages, personal information, contact lists, images and videos, emails, and social media apps, call logs, and even your browser history.

As if that’s not enough, spyware apps can allow cybercriminals to access sensitive information and commit identity fraud. Your private media can end up on porn sites or dark web if there’s a spyware app installed on your phone without your knowledge.

That’s why it is imperative for you to regularly scan your phone for any spyware on Android and remove it the moment you find it. If you don’t know anything about Android spyware removal, here’s an ultimate guide for you.

Warning Signs That Indicate Spyware on Android

Various warning signs can indicate if your phone has been infected by a spyware app. The most important of them are as follows:

  • Your phone hangs quite often.
  • It takes a lot of time to load apps.
  • You see unexplained usage of mobile data.
  • There are apps on your phone that you didn’t download.
  • Your phone battery drains quickly.
  • You experience an unusual number of pop-ups and ads.

Common Ways to Remove Spyware from Android Phone

Remove Spyware from Android

Before employing any of the forthcoming Android spyware removal methods, make sure you’re using your device in ‘Safe Mode.’

Here’s how you can do that:

  1. Access ‘Power Off’ options on your phone by pressing the power button.
  2. Hold the volume down button of your phone as soon as your brand animation starts.
  3. Keep holding the button unless your phone restarts.

And that’s it; you’ve entered ‘Safe Mode’ of your phone.

1. Uninstall All Unrecognized Apps from Your Phone

An easy way to remove spyware from your Android phone is to uninstall all suspicious or unrecognized apps.

To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the ‘Settings’ of your phone.
  2. Scroll down and click on ‘Apps/Manage Apps.
  3. Go through the list and look out for any app you don’t remember installing.
  4. In case you’re not sure about any app, you can make a quick Google search to know what it does.
  5. Uninstall all suspicious apps by clicking on them and selecting the ‘Uninstall’ option.

2. Remove Apps That Have Unusual Permissions

Another great way to prevent spy apps from invading your phone is by removing them by using the app permissions feature in your settings. You can easily tell malicious apps apart by seeing if they have unusual permissions that weren’t granted by you.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Open ‘Settings.’
  2. Go to ‘Apps/Manage Apps.’ You’ll see a list of installed apps.
  3. Click on the ‘App Permissions’ of each app to see if it has any unusual access.
  4. If an app has unusual permissions that you didn’t grant, just hit ‘Uninstall,’ and it’ll be removed from your phone.

3. Delete Harmful Apps Using Google Play Protect

Using ‘Google Play Protect’ can also help you detect and delete any harmful apps that might be spying on you without your knowledge. ‘Google Play Protect’ is kind of a pre-installed virus scanner found in almost all Android phones.

Here’s how you can use it to delete apps with malicious behavior:

  1. Launch ‘Settings.’
  2. Go to ‘Google.’
  3. Click on ‘Security.’
  4. Click on the ‘Google Play Protect.’
  5. Tap ‘Scan’.
  6. Uninstall any app that has been marked unsafe.

Some Android phones come with their own virus detector, which can also be used for the purpose.

4. Remove Android Spyware Using Third-Party Security Apps

The easiest, quickest, and most reliable way to remove any spyware from your Android phone is to use third-party security apps. You just have to install the app, and you’re good to go.

There are countless such apps available on Google Play Store that you can effectively use to keep your privacy intact. You can try Avast Antivirus, AVG Antivirus, Safe Security, etc.

You can either download a free Android spyware removal app or purchase a ‘for sale’ anti-malware software. Whether free or paid, you can just sit back and relax once you have installed a security app on your phone.

It will scan your phone from time to time to make sure it’s secure from all threats. It’ll also keep removing all junk files from your phone, besides ensuring that your critical system settings don’t make it prone to spyware.

Using security apps is the most reliable option to deal with spyware because they can detect and eliminate even the most advanced spying apps that have been designed to be disguised as normal applications.

So, if a highly advanced spying software dodges you while you look for it using the above-mentioned methods, rest assured it won’t be able to do the same with the spyware remover Android app.

The Most Radical Way to Remove Spyware from Android

Remove Spyware from Android

While we’re at it, why don’t we discuss another method that not only works 100% but is also free of cost? It might sound a bit too radical, but it sure is a workable way of spyware removal in the Android phone.

You can reset your phone to remove even the traces of any malicious app that has been used to spy on you. Resetting your phone erases its entire memory, along with all the apps that have been installed on it.

Once you have carried out a ‘factory reset’ of your phone, it’ll be as if it were a new device. While the exact method of resetting an Android phone varies with the manufacturer, the general process is more or less the same.

Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Launch ‘Settings.’
  2. Click ‘System/System Management.’
  3. Go to ‘Backup & Reset.’
  4. Click ‘Factory Reset/ Erase All Data.’
  5. Provide your security pin, if asked.

Resetting your phone to its factory condition isn’t a recommended way to remove spyware apps because it deletes everything from your phone, including your valuable data. That’s why you must only consider it as an option of the last resort.

Final Thoughts

In this day and age, when Android spyware is readily available to all and sundry, you need to be extremely careful. Always install apps from trusted sources and make sure to read their permissions. Don’t use unsecured Wi-Fi and never click on suspicious links.

Even though you can remove any spying software using a spyware remover Android app (or other methods mentioned above), you should try not to get infected in the first place.

A slight breach in your privacy can have disastrous effects on your life, so don’t wait for that to happen. Install a reputable anti-malware software today, and protect your Android device from all kinds of spyware.

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