Are There Any Ways on How to Spy on Someone’s Text Messages Without Their Phone for Free?

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Are you suspicious of your child or spouse talking to someone they shouldn’t be? Or are you a business owner who wants to prevent leaking confidential information? One of the best ways to get to the bottom of this problem is to read text messages from another phone without them knowing. This way, you can be aware of whether your fears are well-founded, and you have to get confrontational. This guide will provide you with all the best methods to start reading someone’s text messages.

Reasons to Read Someone’s Text Messages

Though it may seem like you’re infringing upon someone else’s privacy at first, there are actually many reasons that justify this act.

For instance, parents may want to keep an eye on their children and make sure that they are mingling and interacting with the right people. It would be easier if children would just give their parents their mobile devices. But, many of them feel that parents are trying to impose themselves and do not agree. The only option left for parents is to intercept text messages.

The same goes when suspicious that your spouse may be cheating on you. There is no better way to find out all the truth and avoid a divorce than spying software.

Similarly, an employer may want to monitor and ensure that the resources of the company are used appropriately so that there is no threat to its security from outside or inside. Such reasons make it essential at times for the employer to spy on someone’s text messages.

Question #1: How to Read Someone’s Text Messages Without Their Phone

It may seem at first that one has to go through a lot of unnecessary trouble to read someone’s text messages without having their phone. But, it is actually much more straightforward than people assume. A quick Google search will show you that there are myriad ways of doing it, though most of them do not work. Many of them are faulty, some are infected with viruses, and others are simply clickbait and are a complete waste of time.

That is why you need a reliable and valid solution that works properly. Of course, if there are other extra features as well, that would be the icing on the cake. The following method is something akin to it. Through this method, you can read someone’s text messages and do much more.

However, if you are using an iPhone, you can use an iCloud account to access someone’s text messages. But this process is time-consuming, and it is better to prefer a spying solution.

mSpy – The Best App to Spy on Someone’s Text Messages

As a mobile monitoring app, mSpy can easily be installed on the person whose text messages you’re trying you intercept. Additionally, it also lets you monitor social media activity, calls, location, and much more.

One of the best things about this app is that once installed on the device, it hides itself completely and runs in the background. All phone activity is monitored and sent to your mSpy account, which can be accessed from any device.

Ever since its inception in 2010, mSpy has grown and become one of the most well-known monitoring apps worldwide. Whether devices are jailbroken/rooted or not, mSpy is effortless to set up, highly reliable and runs on all Android and iOS devices. Let us take a look at some of its features in the following section.

Stealth Mode (Undetectable)

The main point of installing mSpy on someone else’s mobile is to make sure that it can’t be detected. That is why mSpy ensures that there is no way to detect it. It does not appear on the app drawer or app manager of the device. It also doesn’t drain the battery, which leaves no room for suspicion. Hence, you can be worry-free while spying on someone’s text messages.

No Root or Jailbreak

Rooting and jailbreaking makes any device susceptible to external threats. That is why mSpy doesn’t need you to do so. Furthermore, you don’t have to spend the time jailbreaking or rooting the device, which can also make the other person aware that you are monitoring them.

Tracking iMessage of an iPhone or an iOS Device

With mSpy, you can easily monitor messaging apps, such as iMessages. It lets you find out what your children are up to and minimize the risks of cyberbullying, sexting, and communication with online predators. Plus, it allows parents to view the chats and multimedia files in order to maintain their online safety.

Tracking Messages on an Android Phone

mSpy also allows you to check someone’s text messages on Android as long as the device is connected to the Internet, and mSpy is installed on it. Though it works both on rooted and unrooted phones, the instant messengers tracking feature is available only for rooted phones. As such, you will be able to monitor WhatsApp, Viber, Gmail, Snapchat, and Facebook Messenger.

SMS Spy Without Access to Target Phone Free Trial

Even if you don’t have access to the target device, you can still intercept text messages without the target phone for free online. For this, you will need access to the phone’s Google Account credentials. This will give access to the Android Device Manager, which allows you to find the device if it gets lost. It also lets you remotely lock the device and block inappropriate apps. You can get a full refund of your subscription payment within 14 days, which essentially makes it a free trial period.

Other Features

Other than the basic spying features mentioned above, mSpy also provides certain other advanced features that might come in handy. It has GPS tracking that records the GPS location of the target device and allows you to see exactly where the person has been in real-time on a map.

You can even block incoming calls from specific numbers, apps, and websites that may be dangerous for the person’s well-being and monitor Internet activities. It also lets you create a list of target words such as ‘guns,’ ‘sex,’ and ‘drugs’ and get alerts when these words are used in chats, texts, emails, etc. mSpy also lets you view all the photos that are stored on the target’s phone, read emails, and view call history.

How to Install mSpy

First up, you are required to purchase the software from the mSpy website. Then, you will receive an email with username and password for control panel access and installation instructions. The link for downloading the software is found in the control panel. Next, all you have to do is to log in to your account, download the app on to the target device, and that’s all. The whole procedure shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.

mSpy Lite – The #1 Text Message Interceptor

mSpy provides all the necessary things that you will ever need from a mobile monitoring system. It has a long list of features, including the ability to see other people’s text messages, track visited websites, typed keystrokes, made and received calls, and even block apps and websites.

Its control panel is highly intuitive and user-friendly, and it also offers great customer service. The app is easy to use and is compatible with most major operating systems. It truly has emerged as the #1 text message interceptor that is both reliable and verified by experts.

Mobile Spy – 7 Days Free Trial SMS Tracker Without Installing on Target Phone

A similar product that lets you monitor and tracks the target’s activity remotely is Mobile Spy. It enables you to do so without installing the app on the target phone and comes with a 7-day free trial. During this trial period, you will be required to sign up, install the app on your phone, and log in to view logs. After the first 7 days, you will be required to purchase a license for unrestricted access.

Question #2: How to Read Someone Else’s Text Messages Online for Free

If you were wrecking your brain and wondering, “How do I get text messages from another phone sent to mine,” then the answer must have become clear to you by now. With a phony spy service, you can read text messages from any phone, be it iPhone or Android, without the target user knowing about it.

Best 3 Online Free Spy Tool

Though there are scores of such services available nowadays, only a few of them are actually reliable and worthy of purchase. After going through various such phone spy services, there seem to be only a few available apps that get the job done without bringing in some trouble of their own. Below are mentioned a few of them.

#1 – mSpy

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mSpy is perhaps the most beneficial app that is easy to use and full of useful features. With mSpy, you will be able to monitor someone’s text messages, incoming and outgoing calls, all the installed apps with the possibility of blocking them, check browser history, instant messenger services, GPS location, photos, and videos.

These features come in handy if you are a parent who needs constant spying on their children, or an employer that needs to monitor employees and their use of company resources. The same goes when you suspect your spouse is cheating on you. mSpy is fully compatible with all major phone platforms making it easier for you to track and monitor any device.

#2 – Freespy

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SpyRen is one more monitoring app that is decked with a bunch of advanced features. The app is only compatible with Android devices but is ideal for those looking for conducting effective and strong spying tasks.

With Freespy, you can read someone’s text messages, peep into your target’s contact lists, delete or block contacts from their contact lists, get the target’s real-time location, and even access all photos and videos stored in the target’s device. The only problem with it is that it does not support iOS and thus lags behind mSpy in this sense.

#3 – LetMeSpy

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LetMeSpy is another spectacular device and activity monitoring spy app with a bunch of functions. It is available on Android and lets you read someone else’s text messages online for free, track calls, and GPS location of the target phone. It is also one of the lightest spy applications and is completely invisible to the target.

The only drawback is that it doesn’t have as many features as mSpy and offers only the basic functions that are required for spying on a target, such as your children, spouse, or employees. 

Question #3: How to Check Text Messages Online

Since you know of the basic sets of spy apps that let you track text messages on someone else’s phone for free, let us discuss how this can be achieved for different messaging services. Below you will find a list of the various messaging services that can be tracked and spied upon with the best spy monitoring apps.


If your target uses Verizon, you can get someone’s text messages and read them quite easily. Below you will find the steps to go about it.

  • Sign in to My Verizon from a web browser.
  • Navigate to Account and then Text online from My Verizon landing page.
  • If you are prompted with the terms and conditions, review them, and click Accept and continue.
  • Choose the conversation that you want to view (this will be on the left) and read.


You can access iMessage in two ways. Both of them require you to have access to a Mac or an iPhone/iPad connected to the same network.

The first option requires you to sign in to iMessage on your Mac and check text messages online. You can also remotely connect your PC to the Mac through Chrome Remote Desktop. This allows you to connect the two computers through the Chrome browser. Chrome Remote Desktop needs to be installed on both computers.

Afterward, move to your Mac, open up Remote Desktop extension, and avail the access code for the connection. This code will have to be entered in your PC extension for the connection. You should see a pop up showing your Mac screen, and now you can send and manage iMessages from your PC. 

The other method requires you to have a jailbroken iPhone. This will allow you to send and receive texts online through Mac or PC. Jailbreaking the device installs an operating system that is different from the native iOS and lets you manage and send iMessages remotely.

Android Messages

For Android users, Google has come up with ‘Messages for Web’ that allows you to read and send chats from any web browser, regardless of where you may be. It is also effortless to set up. Here are the steps for the same:

  • Navigate to Google messages from your computer’s web browser.
  • Open Android messages on the phone.
  • Tap the Menu in the top-right hand corner of the screen.
  • Tap on “Scan QR Code” and scan the QR code on your computer screen.
  • The browser will automatically detect your phone and launch a window in the browser.


Another way by which you can access SMS messaging in Windows is by using the Pushbullet application. This lets you control your Android phone directly from your PC, providing you the convenience of reading and sending texts directly from your Windows PC. Here is how you can get access to use it:

  • Head on over to Pushbullet on your PC.
  • Sign up via Google or Facebook.
  • Install the Pushbullet app on your Android phone via the PlayStore.
  • Sign in to the app and enable notifications.
  • Enable the sending and receiving of texts and chats.
  • Go to the Pushbullet site and click on ‘Set up your computer.’
  • Install Pushbullet on your PC and click the SMS tab.

Now you are ready to start receiving, reading, and sending chats from your PC. You can mute the notifications for a particular app by clicking on ‘Mute’ in the alert window.

Pulse SMS

Pulse is another app that has various features and can be used as a third-party SMS client. It allows you to choose from a range of themes, has password protection, the ability to schedule texts, and web link previews. It is similar to Android Messages but has a much more modern and cleaner aesthetic. It also lets you receive and send texts from your computer. For a small one-time fee, it will allow you to sync all your SMS conversations across devices for life.


AirMore lets you see text messages online on your computer. It is a free tool that enables you to manage all your mobile data from your computer. Other than sending texts remotely, it also allows you to transfer data between your computer and phone, such as photos, contacts, documents, and music. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Here is how you can access texts online with this app:

  • Download and install the app on your phone.
  • Navigate to AirMore on your computer.
  • On the app, click ‘Scan to connect’ and scan the QR code displayed on your computer.
  • Choose the ‘Messages’ option and find the SMS on your phone.


AirDroid is one of the best ways by which you can access content on your Android phone from your computer. It allows you to read and send text messages, access videos, music, photos, move files, etc.

Getting started with AirDroid is also a cinch. 

  • Install the app on the Android device.
  • Visit the AirDroid web page and scan the QR code. 
  • Once the two devices are connected, click the Messages icon and start sending and receiving chats from your computer. 

Although AirDroid does offer the iOS version, you can’t access text chats, which is its basic drawback.


MySMS allows you to back up your texts and read, receive, and send SMS straight from your computer. Even if your phone ends up in the far from you, you can salvage all your text chats by MySMS. In order to access your chats online, follow the steps given below:

  • Download and install the app on your phone.
  • Go to the MySMS website.
  • Register the app with your mobile number and find all your chats on the website.

Google Voice

Google Voice lets you sync your phone data to account and check chats from your phone, tablet, and computer. This allows you to back up all your chats since Google first receives chat content sent to Google Voice. In order to check the texts, go through the following steps:

  • Visit Google Voice on your computer.
  • Login to your Google account.
  • Let the data sync thereafter you can begin managing your chats on the computer.


MightyText lets you receive and send text and photos from your computer. As soon as a message comes in, you will be notified by a pop-up notification on your computer screen. This app is ideal for those who deal with loads of chats every day.

Question #4: How to Get Text Messages From Another Phone Sent to Mine

Thanks to the highly developed monitoring software, which tracks a target’s activity through another phone, you can receive a text message from the other phone. Indeed, this can be done without having to steal the phone to look into the texting app. Additional information such as the target’s location, call logs, photos, calendar entries, and much more can be achieved depending on the features and complexities of the software app that you are using. 

As mentioned, you are required to install the app on the target’s phone, create an account on your computer, and just like that, you can spy on someone’s text messages without them knowing about it.

Question #5: How to Read Text Messages From Another Phone Without Installing Software

Basically, it is not possible to get someone’s text messages and read them without installing some kind of spy software. If it were, privacy would be a much bigger issue than it is now, and nobody would be using smartphones for that reason. There is no way around installing an undetectable spy app on the smartphone of your children, spouse, or employees. This is the only way you can monitor and access their data from anywhere on a computer.

Most of such apps, including mSpy, SpyRen, and LetMeSpy, allow you to easily access such information as the target’s location, calls, texts, logs, social media, photos, website usage, etc.

Questions #6: How to Read Someone’s Text Messages Secretly

Those of you looking to read your target’s chats secretly, all you need to do is install mSpy and enter the IMEI code at the time of registration. This will allow you to track GPS location, go through the browsing history, read text chats, and do much more without their knowledge. There is no need for you to be even physically present in the proximity of the target’s phone for this. All you need is to log in to your account from your computer, and all the data you want will be present.

mSpy works in stealth mode and is thus wholly undetectable; the target will never know that someone is accessing the data on their phone. However, you should spy on only those devices that you own, such as those of your employees or your children.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you now have sufficient understanding as to how to see other people’s text messages without their knowledge. Though there are dozens of such spy apps in the market, most of them are either not worth your salt or are downright fraudulent.

One of the best apps that we’ve come across to spy on someone is mSpy. It has various features that allow you to monitor the target and do so secretly. You can test it out during the first 14 days of the free trial, after which you will be required to purchase the app. Hence, if you are a worried parent, suspicious partner, or attentive employer, spying software is your choice.


Are Text Messages Spy Apps Undetectable?

Yes, spy apps operate in stealth mode and allow you to read target’s text chats secretly.

What Is the Best App to Spy on Text Messages?

The best app to spy on text messages is mSpy since it has a ton of advanced features, and runs in a hidden mode.

Are Text Messages Spy Apps Legal?

Yes, text messages spy apps are entirely legal to use as long as the phone that is being tracked is your own (in the case of your children), or you have the consent or knowledge of the phone user, such as your employee.

Can I Read Someone’s Messages Without Touching the Target Phone?

Yes, spy apps allow you to read a target’s messages remotely on your computer without having to touch their phone.

Will the Reading Messages Software Work in My Country?

Yes, monitoring software works in most countries, and you will have no issues while spying on, for instance, your children, spouse, or employees.

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