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Cell phone monitoring: Is it possible? Can I do it too? And is spying on me even legal? These are the questions asked by many people who deal with this topic. To give you a comprehensive insight into the world of spy apps, we will examine them from all sides in the style of a successful investigator. We reveal for whom this software can be helpful, inform you about the legal situation, name the essential features of an app and introduce you to the most important ones on the market. Read WhatsApp, record phone calls, or locate cell phones: Here is your all-around carefree package regarding spy apps!

Before we understand why monitoring could be interesting for you, we want to explain how the whole system works briefly. Don’t worry; we won’t bore you with technical terms. Why? Because the installation is usually straightforward anyway and you should have no problem “hiding” the spy app on your phone. If you were hoping to remotely install the app on the device you want to spy on, we have to disappoint you right away: All apps that we present to you on this website will only work if you have physical access to the third-party phone. In other words: You have to pick it up at least once to start the spying. Anything else would be legally questionable anyway, as we will explain later.

How do I hide the spy app on my phone?

If you take a closer look at this topic, you will see that there are already more than 20 different providers – and the number is growing! Although the features of the apps differ enormously, the principle behind them is practically identical. As soon as you have installed the software on the respective device, you are ready to go: The cell phone data is transmitted to a server via the World Wide Web. As a user, you can access all the information via a unique web interface. However, there are a few things you should consider before making your purchase. Make sure that the device you want to spy on is compatible with the software. Usually, iPhones, iPads, Blackberrys, Symbians, Android smartphones, and Windows Mobile Phones are supported by the major vendors, but there are exceptions. Especially with Windows devices, many apps still lag. Don’t go for the cheapest provider right away because they often don’t offer the option of listening in on calls – an absolute must-have feature for many.

Monitoring children: always know what your loved ones are doing!

To take the wind out of the sails of the critics of cell phone spying: There is no better reason to opt for surveillance if you want to keep your flesh and blood safe. Cybercrime is a huge problem, and it’s becoming more and more confusing. Of course, you should trust your children, but in this dangerous area that many still underestimate, control is better. Although there are also critical voices on this subject, which alarm about such “helicopter parents.” Many believe that children are more likely to become alienated from adults if they sense that there is no relationship of trust.

Ultimately, it’s up to each parent to decide for themselves. The fact is: spy apps offer every possibility to control the lives of the little ones. It is no longer a problem to browse Instagram pictures, search Facebook friends or locate the cell phone to find out where the son or daughter is at the moment. In particular, the function of blocking contacts or incoming calls gives many parents a sense of relief.

Avoid a breach of trust at all costs.

Access to photos and videos may also be helpful. Adolescents are often unaware of the consequences of making private photos or moving images available to strangers. After all, nothing is lost on the Internet! Dating apps also offer the temptation to reveal oneself to chat partners. Parents must talk to their children about this before installing the monitoring app. Even if they provide the device to their offspring, it is at least morally reprehensible to act without the knowledge of the cell phone user. Create a relationship of trust and convince your child that the tracking function, for example, can save lives under certain circumstances.

Monitoring the partner: spy apps are the fidelity testers of today.

Jealous boyfriend engages in cell phone spying. This example illustrates impressively that times have changed. In the past, jealous wives or husbands hired fidelity testers or private detectives to get certainty about their partner’s behavior finally. These fidelity testers should start thinking about retraining, given the spy app boom. Today, spying on one’s partner is not a problem at all. Just install the monitoring app on the other device, and you’re in the picture. However, the legal (and moral) situation here is even more sensitive to deal with than it is with children.

Are you collecting evidence and saving the relationship?

Cell phone spy apps

Nevertheless, there are, of course, good reasons why you could decide on surveillance. If you suspect cheating, you should gather as much evidence as possible. Nothing is more embarrassing than being wrong and making unjustified accusations against your partner. Sooner or later, this will lead to the end of the relationship anyway and to an absolute loss of trust. Moreover, when you start clinging for no real reason, there are situations in life, which are likely to be just as damaging to living together. If you inquire about the person after every call on the other person’s cell phone, you will eventually get into trouble. With the help of the monitoring app, you will stay cool as you will gain insight anyway.

At this point, it should be said that we do not want to encourage you to monitor your loved one without permission. In any relationship, without trust, love is doomed to fail anyway. It would be much nicer and more honest to buy community cell phones, trust each other, and use the functions that only serve the security of your favorite person. And should abuse of trust be uncovered in the process, it’s ultimately the other person’s fault.

Employee monitoring: Protect your company!

Cell phone spy apps

Employee monitoring how much trust do you give your employees? This is a question that every entrepreneur will probably have asked himself at some point in his life. So why not take advantage of today’s technical possibilities to protect your company and run it more successfully? There are two aspects to consider here. Firstly, it is necessary to assess what the respective employee is doing during working hours. This is becoming increasingly difficult to control in our computer age. Of course, it would be feasible to store locks in the respective browser, but these preventive measures could also lead to loss of time in critical situations. So it is better to play with open cards and inform the employees before signing the contract that there is an option of some monitoring. If an employee is chatting for hours instead of doing his job, it can be quite a losing proposition for a boss.

The situation is even worse about the possible disclosure of company secrets. Here, the consequences may be much more lasting, and the damage to a company’s reputation could even ruin it completely. An employer, therefore, has the chance to spy on both the PC and (if available) the company cell phone with the help of a spy app. In the worst case, an employee may even carry out criminal activities at his workplace, which should not be tolerated under any circumstances.

The difference to a child and partner monitoring

Compared to child and partner monitoring, there are usually other features that are likely to concern an employer. Automatic screen recording helps track what the employee is doing during working hours. Keyloggers can also be beneficial to know what the colleague is looking for, whether he sends private emails and how much time he spends on messengers. But there is one thing you should take to heart: Be fair and inform your employee in advance about the possibility of monitoring.

Features that a good spy app should have!

First of all, we would like to point out that there are different features from app to app. The more features, the higher the subscription price, as a rule. However, every good surveillance app should provide some must-haves that you urgently need for spying on your child, partner, or employee. Below, we list the most important features – from reading WhatsApp messages to listening to phone calls.

Reading SMS, MMS, iMessage & emails: Anything but old school!

As you have read in the previous section, many users fall back on reading WhatsApp messages when it comes to cell phone spying. However, since many feel that this free service is too insecure, important information is often exchanged via SMS, MMS, and iMessage. Therefore, reading SMS messages can be pretty helpful. All text messages (received and sent, including date, time, and phone number) appear in order on your device with the right app. The situation is similar for emails. You can quickly check all email traffic (usually Mail app on iOS and Gmail on Android).

Social networks and dating apps: Monitor Facebook, Snapchat & Tinder!

You can’t do anything without Facebook these days! The disadvantage: many people, especially children, often reveal too much about themselves and thus become visible to almost everyone. It is possible to track the chat conversations between target users and other social network users with a spy app. But how does it work? Quite simply: via so-called keyloggers, which, after installing the spyware, pass on every user name and password to the online account. Thus, using the example of the dating app Tinder (linked to Facebook), you can check preferences and matches and also know which person your child is communicating with.

From the camera to the calendar: You have complete control over your phone!

With a monitoring app, you have practically complete control over the respective smartphone. It is no problem to get an insight into the contacts, including names and numbers. The same applies to the calendar, which you can access at any time. Without the phone owner seeing that anyone has access to his data, you can view photos and videos at will. A few apps offer additional features in this area that allow you to take pictures unnoticed via remote activation or turn on the microphone to listen to conversations and sounds from the device’s immediate vicinity.

Not only for parents: Other features that can be helpful!

As already mentioned, the functions vary from app to app – and in fact, you do not need all variations in practice. But in individual cases, it can be helpful to restrict call reception, for example. In principle, this feature is nothing more than a block list – so you can block calls from unwanted numbers, for example, to protect your child. More possibilities and more are added all the time: spy on passwords, check your browser history, or use the alarm function! The latter serves the purpose of informing you immediately if your name is mentioned in a chat or an email. Not all apps offer this function either (Spyera does, though).

Cell phone tracking with monitoring app: When it’s essential!

You can’t cope with this uncertainty and want to know where your son or daughter is right now? Then cell phone tracking would be just the proper function for you. Every smartphone can be located, and in a short time, the current location will be transmitted to you. Cell phone tracking is also worthwhile in case of theft because you can delete cell phone data at any time and block the device via the web application. Good news: even if the SIM card has already been replaced, you can still make use of the latter options. By the way, some spy apps tell you when the SIM card has been replaced.

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